Fashion 101 – Some basics of fashionwear for skinny Women!

 Ok, we all envy those skinny, lean and tall models that walks like seamlessly on all the ramps. Skinny is surely a longed body shape for majority of women – as they idolized those supermodels who flaunts all over fashion magazines and fashion industry. However, skinny isn’t the most easy body shape to dress-up for. Skinniness comes with its own price and you got to have a high fashion sense to be able to cover-up for your lack of curves (typically associated with femininity). Skinny shape might be on the full demand over the ramp, however, in the real world skinny women needs to make adjustments. Not every dress and fashion suits skinny bodies and you need to learn the basics of fashion to create an illusion of femininity and curves.

Ok, you don’t need to panic as we aren’t talking about curvy figures, rather small curves that actually help women to illustrate their feminine looks. If you have been following the fashion sensations like Sarah Jessica and others you must know how they are able to hide their skinniness with their high fashion sense and knowledge for what really suits their body shape. So, as a skinny figure, you also need to create that heightened sense of style and fashion to be able to adapt to trendy fashion industry.

Now, we know there are a lot of mainstream fashion and beauty blogs that offer exquisite beauty tips for skinny women and undoubtedly they are doing a great job by spreading the fashion sense among the masses. Here we decide to offer out bit into the skinny fashionwear for women. But before we go into what skinny women should choose to wear we would like to mention big NO’s for skinny women.

Don’ts for Skinny Women:

Now let’s agree that curves represent the zenith of femininity and skinny curves greatly lacks in this crucial aspects. Thereby, they might look great over the ramp, in real world they had to hide their skinniness by creating illusion curves. For this simple reason, skinny women should never go with:

  • T-shirt – Tees simply reveal too much and you don’t want that
  • V-Necks – Without cleavage, V-necks doesn’t really suit women
  • Miniskirts – Curve-less thighs aren’t a treat to watch

Dos for skinny women:

So, now that we are done with don’ts of skinny women, it is time we look at some desirable fashionwear tips for skinny women.

  • Choose the right cuts – your cuts can help you create illusion curves on body parts where you want them.
  • Choose thick fabric – Thick fabric that doesn’t hug your body shape is the right fabric for skinny women. Denim, satin and cotton are some desirable fabrics for skinny body shapes.
  • Wear trendy colors – Yellow, red, orange are some great color to carry with contrast of course.
  • Wear right accessories – Many times accessories help do the trick for skinny women. There are a lot of accessories online stores where you can shop trendy and funky accessories at affordable pricing. is a great women’s fashion store to get amazing girly accessories at affordable prices.

In the end, being skinny isn’t the end of the world, in fact there are many women who long for skinny in-shape bodies. A little exercise for the right body part can help you develop all the right curves combine with the right fashion sense to make others envy your skinny body shape to the core.

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