Men’s blazers jackets – choosing the perfect blazer jacket for every occasion!

Why men’s blazer jackets are so splendid?

Simply because they are versatile. In fact, apart from leather jackets for men, men’s blazers jackets are the only other men’s fashion wear that can be sport on any outfit. From formal to casual, men’s blazers jackets perfectly complements to all outfits; adding the niche of style and fashion to all men’s fashion wears.

So, here we thought to share some secret styling techniques for an awesome blazer look. We have gathered some really simple to implement yet effective tips on how to choose the perfect men’s blazer jackets. Ok, all women reading this post, you can act on these simple tips to select the best looking blazer for your guy. They surely will look more sexy and chic with your selection.

Ok, without wasting more time, let us see how you can purchase the perfect blazer jacket:

Men’s blazer jackets – Buying Tips:

Ok, whether you are making an online purchase or visiting some retail store, three essentials to any blazer purchase include:

  • Type of blazer
  • Fit
  • Color

You see, it is an exclusive men’s fashion wear and you need to be absolute confidence about its type, color and fit to be able to reveal your inner fashionista. Let’s see one by one what you need to know about each of these considerations:

Types of Blazer

The market is full of different types and varieties of blazers including two-buttons, double breasted etc. Now, before going for any specific type, make sure you know if you want to wear it for casual or formal look.

For instance, unstructured blazers or blazers with patch pockets mainly fall for casual looks and can’t be sports for formal meetings or appearances. Whereas. Double-breasted or structured shoulder blazers sports more formal looks.


Ok, once you know the right type of blazer to buy, it is time to choose the best fit. Remember, just like leather jackets for men, the FIT is extremely important in selection of men’s blazers jacket to sport real feel and elegance. Your best fit shouldn’t be too loose or too tight, rather it should fall seamlessly to your body contours.

A too tight Fit will form an “X” when buttoned-up, whereas, a too loose Fit will pass your shoulders – giving a too gross wrinkled appearance.


So, now you know your perfect type and fit, it is time to lookout for the versatile color that you can sport on different looks. Black and grey are typically the safest colors that you can sport with any possible outfit. Navy blue is yet another versatile color that supports many outfits. If you are looking for more fashionable and trendy looks, maroon or right colored blazers can do the trick for you.

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